Clinicians That Care

C & C Health Care Services has a strong organizational foundation and will hire individuals who have a vision that aligns with the mission of the organization and have skills that are in line with needs of the clients. In addition, staff will be trained that are evidence based, and the entire organization will continuously be trained in effective measure to help promote wellness. We will work with the community and obtain a greater understanding, providing seamless, comprehensive services with innovative treatment approaches and practices that are combined with a balance of core values that are related to service provision as well as the mission of the organization.

Primary Care

Our amazing Nurse Practitioner’s provide all your primary care needs including medication regimen.

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Need someone to talk to? We also provide remote therapy for our clients who live in the rural areas.

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Urgent Care

Skip the line and see one of our providers virtually. We diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications via the phone or video consult. • Get the care without driving anywhere!

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Wound Care

Our staff includes a multidisciplinary clinicians with advanced training in wound care.

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